Grow Missouri Businesses

Over 700 business owners with Missouri Business for a Fair Minimum Wage have endorsed raising Missouri’s minimum wage. Low-wage workers with additional earnings will spend more locally, boosting investment in Missouri small businesses. A higher wage also reduces costly employee turnover and increases worker loyalty, saving small businesses money from reduced recruitment, re-training, and re-staffing costs.1 That’s why a majority of small business owners support higher minimum wages for workers.

When wages are raised at the bottom, money goes right back into businesses and the larger community. When all businesses, including the large chains, have to pay a decent wage, it will level the playing field for us little guys and help us grow our business.”

– Mary Faucett, Owner of Bambino’s Café in Springfield

It’s important to look at wages as an investment instead of a cost. The return on investment includes lower employee turnover, which saves time and money in hiring, training and managing new employees. It includes better customer service and higher productivity. And it builds a stronger economy.”

– Scott Sandler, Owner of Pizza Head in St. Louis

Missouri’s minimum wage of $7.85 an hour is too low for even full-time workers to afford their basics: food, rent and more. It hurts businesses and the economy when working people don’t have enough income to keep a roof overhead, put food on the table, and enjoy needed recreation like a movie every once in a while.”

Bob Goodrich, President of Goodrich Quality Theaters in Jefferson City and Columbia

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1 Healther Boushey and Sarah Jane Glynn (2012) “There are Significant Business Costs to Replacement Employees,” Washington, DC: Center for American Progress